Tests and Actions

By now, you should be able to edit your profile  to your liking, letting you build custom UTMs with less typing (or none at all!). At UTM-Builder, we can also program certain behaviours into our profiles.  For example, let’s say that every time my business advertises on Google, it does so with cost-per-click ads. However, I still use cost-per-click alongside other types of advert when I’m not advertising on Google. It’s possible for me to automate this. The rule in my head is simple: When the source equals “google” the medium should equal “cpc”.

I can use the ‘tests and actions’ feature to apply this rule:

Tests and actions require logical statements. They conduct a test to determine whether or not something is true (Like, whether google is the source) and depending on the answer, they take certain actions (like hiding the social organic and social paid buttons). Using this kind of if/then logic, we can use tests and actions to build all sorts of complex logical behaviours into our templates:


Creating a Test/Action combination:

Take the template that you want to add tests and actions to, and start editing it. You’ll find a ‘tests and actions’ heading in the editing suite:

First, select ‘add test’. We need to add a test before we add an action. There are various choices we can make here:

Once you have established the test (remember, that’s the ‘if’ part of your logical statement), it’s time to create an action:

Points to remember

  • The order of tests can matter depending on what kind of Actions are being triggered
  • A Test with no elements in its If will always be true, and so always fire
  • Inside of an If each part behaves as a logical AND. The Test will only pass if all of them are true
  • If you wish to produce a logical OR. Simply add another Test

Got any questions, or need some help? Email us: hello@www.utm-builder.com