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Simply click the “Upgrade plan” icon on your profile page and choose the package that best suits your business.

Yes! Book yourself a Demo Session and we will be delighted to tailor our services to your needs!

Check out our Glossary page for an intro to the terminology.

Yes we do! Our History API provides free open access to your data, now and forever. You can use the API to easily integrate your link data with your Data Warehouse or reports. Check out the documentation or reach out to arrange a set-up call.

On your profile you will find a “Manage users” icon. If you click it, you will find sharing permissions and the “add user” box.

With UTM-Builder you pay per Profile not per user. We allow unlimited users for each premium profile.

You can always get the chrome extension for free right here. If you’re worried your extension is out of date, don’t be! Each new version is deployed to all users within 5-10hrs of an update.
Thats easy just go to app.utm-builder.com and click the sign up button. Throw in you’re email and we will send you a confirmation link. Then its all smooth tagging

We would love to hear your ideas. Drop us a message.

We have a detailed usage guide in our documentation sectionThis covers most use cases but if you have a specific question feel free to reach out to us. You can find it here.