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Getting Started

If you’re new here, don’t worry! Our videos and articles below will help you master our software in no time! However, the best way to master the UTM-Builder is by trial and error though, so never forget to experiment.

Please feel free to drop us an email if you get stuck or encounter any problems:

Next up are three articles that go into detail explaining the UTM-Builder. If reading is not for you we will gladly do set up a live demo with you. Shoot us an email at

Tests and Actions

By now, you should be able to edit your profile  to your liking, letting you build custom UTMs with less typing (or none at all!). At UTM-Builder, we can also program certain behaviours into our [...]

Right now you can request an upgrade by getting in contact with one of our team by email – . Or you can easily click Upgrade Plan when editing a profile. We’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Yes! If you get in contact with us via we’d be more than happy to arrange a “Set-Up Session” to show you the ropes!

Yes. Although the history api is in its early stages we are happy to provide free open access to your data, now and forever. But for now you’ll have to get in contact with Michael to get set up –

Sharing a profile is as easy as entering the edit view of your desired Profile and adding the email of the person you want to invite.

share a profile

No. with UTM-Builder you pay per Profile not per User. Using (reading and editing) a premium profile is free to all users with whom it is shared. You must pay for each profile only once, and  any number of users can share it.

You can always get the chrome extension for free right here. If you’re worried your extension is out of date, don’t be! Each new version is deployed to all users within 5-10hrs of an update.

Thats easy just go to and click the sign up button. Throw in you’re email and we will send you a confirmation link. Then its all smooth tagging

Well just email us. We love to hear your ideas.