Intro To UTM-Builder Designer

Building the perfect UTM tagging convention requires a good start. The UTM-Builder is here to help but before beginning to design or build your UTM-builder profile, it is important that you do a little bit of planning. Here are some important things to consider:

  • What data do you want
  • Who will analyze and utilize it
  • How should the builder look like

The layout of the profile designer does its best to guide you and help you think about these questions, however some forethought is advised. The support articles will focus only on the technical aspect of using the designer.


In order to explain our way through building a UTM-Builder profile we are going to need a few special “UTM” custom words.

  • Datapoint
    • This is the smallest element of a utm string. It contains one element of data that you would like to examine.
    • Datapoints are joined together (by _ ) to make the string output for a utm.
    • In utm_campaign=de_sale_2017-01-01, “de” would be the value for a Datapoint called Country.
  • Field
    • This is a single row of the UI, which can be buttons or a text input
    • It can have multiple possible values
    • It can have one active / current value
    • This active value can be accessed for various reasons
  • Recipe
    • This describes a way in which to fill one Datapoint
    • e.g. If the source Field = “newsletter” then the medium Datapoint is “email”
  • Action
    • A behaviour used to change the UI
  • Test
    • A rule (like a recipe) that can trigger an Action
    • Eg. If the source Field = “newsletter” disable the button “cpc” in the Field medium


Once we have created or loaded a profile to edit there are 4 major parts that make up the Editor  / design process (excluding filling out the basic details)

  1. UTMs
  2. Fields
  3. Actions
  4. Tests

UTMs along with Fields make up enough to design a full functional always consistent UTM-Builder profile. Whereas Actions and Tests add that finesse, allowing you to shape a clean concise UI.

UTM Designer Overview

UTM Designer Overview


Basic Tasks

The side panel helps navigate the basic operations and the editor element. From the sidebar you can directly save your Profile or Preview the current set up.



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