Introduction to UTM Builder

Introduction To UTM-Builder

UTM-Builder helps you track the data you want to track on all of your advertising. When you start building your own profile, it’s important to ask yourself a few questions first:

  • What data do I want to track?
  • Who will analyze and utilize my data?
  • How should my profile look?

If you have a good idea of what data you want to track, and what you want to do with it, you will get more out of UTM-Builder.

UTMs – What are they?

A UTM is a url that accompanies every ad you run. It contains unique information about the ad. This lets you collect and analyse data on the ads you’re running. Here’s an example:


Traditionally, UTMs are made by manually typing all of the data in. You might have used this tool before:

Our tool lets you simply click the buttons you want to use:

Customising your profile

Every business is different, and that means every business needs its own UTM profile. We let you create your own UTM profile. To do that, we need to edit a profile. Any profile you have, you can click the ‘edit’ button:

This brings us to this editing screen:

This screen allows you to set up your own profile. If you make your profile correctly, you won’t have to edit it again. You can just save it and start building fast UTMs. And if you get something wrong, you can always revisit it and edit it to perfection! This menu has a number of important features. The ‘plus’ sign lets you add extra buttons to your fields:

Let’s say I also want to run ads in Belgium:

I click ‘add’ and then I look at the preview:

The above profile only records three things about each of the ads it is used on: The medium, the source and the location. Maybe I also want to record something else, like the type of content contained in the ad. For that, I’ll use the ‘add field’ button in the editor. Instead of buttons, I’ll make this field a free-text entry window:


In my preview, the profile now looks like this:


In this article, we’ve learned:

  • What UTMs are, and what they’re for
  • How to add and edit buttons in a UTM profile
  • How to add extra rows (also called ‘fields’) to your profile

Still need help getting your profile just right? Email us: